Lyon Beton

The raw concrete might be crude in the literal sense, but that doesn't prevent putting out products that are bold, elegant and totally original. While drawing inspiration from the urban environment around us the influence runs deep.


Designing furniture using moulded materials invites a fundamentally different creative process. The building blocks change. Gone are the mass-produced panels and with them the limited scope that comes with working with prefab components. Form is transformed, creativity becomes boundless. Working with concrete, a notoriously tricky material imposes its own constraints. But within those constraints is the creative terrain of the bold designers at Lyon Beton.


“We stand strongly against the trend towards disposable home furnishings. From design to construction, everything we do is done to make our products last. If you take care of these pieces they will be in your life for a long time. And since we don't follow trends, our creations never go out of fashion. We strive to limit our environmental impact at all levels: design, construction, packaging, shipping. We've set out to do better and we know there's always room to improve.”